Hellboy 3

Hellboy 3

Working side by side with his father-figure and leader of the top-secret Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, the infernal avenger and humankind’s unlikely defender, Hellboy, crosses paths with a familiar old adversary bent on revenge. Against the backdrop of a dreadful threat by the defeated evil sorceress and eternal Queen of Blood, Nimue, a double-crossed Hellboy along with the psychic fellow agent, Alice Monaghan, and the battle-scarred operative, Major Ben Daimio, embark on a dangerous quest to thwart the witch’s dark plans and to avert the end of the world. Now, the troubled hornless demon has to pick sides and realise his full potential. However, is Hellboy, indeed, one of the good guys?

120 min
IMDb: 5.20
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Horror
Release: 2019
Director: Neil Marshall
Cast: Thomas Haden Church, Milla Jovovich, Mark Stanley, Ian McShane, Alistair Petrie, Kristina Klebe, Brian Gleeson, Penelope Mitchell, David Harbour, Sophie Okonedo, Rick Warden, Atanas Srebrev, Nitin Ganatra, Mario de la Rosa, Charles Shannon, Tony Van Silva, Christopher Mata, Dawn Sherrer, Michael Heath, Josh Finan, Nadya Keranova, Maria Tepavicharova, Ana Tabakova, Terry Randal, Markos Rounthwaite, Ilko Iliev, Joel Harlow, Dimiter Banenkin, Vanessa Eichholz, Carl Hampe


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