Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2
106 min
IMDb – 6.60
Country: United States, Canada
Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Release: 2013-09-13
Director: James Wan
Cast: Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey, Rose Byrne

Insidious: Chapter 2 – In 1986, Lorraine Lambert summons demonology’s Elise Rainier to help her son Josh, who is being followed by the spirit of an old woman. After investigating the house and encountering paranormal phenomena, Elise tells Lorraine that they must suppress Josh’s astral projection abilities for his own safety. Twenty-five years later, Renai Lambert is under questioning about the death of Elise. She is warned that if her husband Josh’s fingerprints are found at the crime scene, he will be prosecuted for Elise’s murder. The Lambert family relocate to Lorraine’s house as the investigation continues. Renai and the others begin to experience strange, seemingly paranormal activity in the house.


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