Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out 2019 – The morning after his eighty-fifth birthday party held at his Norfolk County mansion with his dysfunctional family of his mother, his surviving children, their spouses, and their children in attendance, a successful novelist and publishing house owner Harlan Thrombey, self-made in his wealth, is discovered in his attic study by Fran, one of the housekeepers, him dead with his throat slashed, knife in hand. Arguably the last person to see him alive was his Brazilian nurse, Marta Cabrera, the daughter of an illegal immigrant, something she has told few within this sphere. She went through her evening ritual of playing a game of Go with him and administering his medication at that time. A week later following the funeral, the local police are questioning the family members at the mansion to see what happened that night that could have led to his death, questioning in their belief that Harlan committed suicide. The interviewees all confirm the timeline of events supporting that suicide belief. One other person at each of the interviews is famed private detective Benoit Blanc, who the family will learn has been retained as a consultant. What he fails to tell them in return is that he was hired anonymously, cash in advance. Blanc is able to bait many of the interviewees into bad-mouthing other family members while being reticent to admit something that Blanc already seems to know about them, each of the family members looking out solely for him/herself.

130 min
IMDb: 7.90
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Release: 2019-09-07
Director: Rian Johnson
Production: Lionsgate, Media Rights Capital MRC, T Street
Cast: Toni Collette, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans… more
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