Rambo: First Blood 2 Full Movie

Rambo: First Blood 2 Full Movie Free Download

Rambo: First Blood 2 Full Movie Free Download  – Only a few years after the all-out guerrilla war in First Blood (1982), John Rambo’s former commanding officer, Colonel Sam Trautman, pulls him out of jail, only to send him back to a place he swore never to return: the impenetrable jungles of Vietnam. Rambo: First Blood 2 Full Movie Free Download – Entrusted with the dangerous task of collecting evidence that American POWs are still being held captive, Rambo agrees to infiltrate the unknown zone, and before long, he finds himself double-crossed, marooned behind the enemy lines. Once, John fought for his country. Now, the government has left him for dead in a Soviet-infested land. Can Rambo fulfil his suicide mission? Will he deliver his lethal justice?

66 min
IMDb: 6.50
Country: united states
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Action
Release: 1985
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Charles Napier, Richard Crenna


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