Happily married and with two children, the suburban wife, Nancy Aglet, seems to be doing much better now, seventeen long years after her possession, when Father Jebedaiah Mayii exorcised the demon inside her. However, evil returns with a vengeance to pick up where it left off, and as poor Nancy becomes, once more, the host of a persistent unholy spirit, the entity demands a rematch with the now-weary and retired exorcist. Now, a famous televangelist show becomes the glorious battlefield in the ultimate fight between the forces of good and the army of darkness, whether May likes it or not. Is there still hope for Nancy’s repossessed soul?

80 min
IMDb: 4.80
Country: United States
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Release: 1990-09-14
Director: Bob Logan
Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Ned Beatty, Linda Blair, Willie Garson, Anthony Starke, Thom Sharp, Benj Thall, Melissa Moore, Lana Schwab, Dove Dellos, Jacquelyn Masche, Erna Gregory, Richard Halpern, Carol Shermer, Kathy Topia


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