The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water
123 min
IMDb – 7.30
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Horror
Release: 2017-08-31
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Cast: Sally Hawkins, Nick Searcy, Michael Shannon, Lauren Lee Smith, David Hewlett, Octavia Spencer, Doug Jones, Richard Jenkins, Morgan Kelly, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dan Lett, Nigel Bennett, John Kapelos, Dru Viergever, Karen Glave, Stewart Arnott, Martin Roach, Madison Ferguson, Cody Ray Thompson, Jayden Greig, Brandon McKnight, Danny Waugh, Allegra Fulton, Clyde Whitham, Wendy Lyon, Jonelle Gunderson, Diego Fuentes, Marvin Kaye, Deney Forrest, Cameron Laurie

1962 Baltimore. Elisa Esposito, found abandoned as a baby with scars on her neck, has been mute all her life, that disability which has largely led to her not having opportunities. Despite being a bright woman, she works a manual labor job as a cleaner at a military research facility where she has long been friends with fellow cleaner, Zelda Fuller, who often translates her sign language to others at the facility. And she has had no romance in her life, her major emotional support, beyond Zelda, being her aging gay artist neighbor, Giles, the two who live in adjoining apartment units above a movie theater. Like Elisa, Giles is lonely, his homosexuality complicating both his personal and professional life, the latter as a commercial graphic artist. Elisa’s life changes when Colonel Richard Strickland brings a new “asset” into the facility, Elisa discovering it being a seeming mixed human/amphibious creature found in the waters of the Amazon. Secretly visiting with the creature, Elisa is immediately drawn to him, and despite he having a violent side as part of his inherent being, the two find a way to communicate with each other and end up forming a bond with each other. Elisa has to decide what to do when she discovers that although the reason for bringing the creature to the facility is to test the possibility of him being sent into space, Colonel Strickland, who has always had antagonistic feelings toward the creature, ultimately wants to kill him, this following the systematic torture he has inflicted on him. Elisa may have to balance her feelings on wanting to be with the creature against what may be the greater benefit to him of being set free back into the wilds of the water. Complicating matters are that the Soviets are also aware of the creature, they having a secret agent who has infiltrated the facility.


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