The Unholy

The Unholy

Willing to sell his soul for a story, Gerry Fenn, a defrocked journalist who has fallen from grace, arrives in the sleepy town of Banfield, Massachusetts, to investigate a bogus story, only to stumble upon his big break. As young Alice, a local deaf-mute woman, can suddenly hear, speak, and perform miracles after seeing an otherworldly apparition in the trunk of a dead tree, the news spreads like wildfire, and crowds of people start gathering to witness the modern wonder. Now, the undying spirit speaks through Alice, and the masses vow everlasting devotion. However, is the Lady of Banfield a benevolent, life-giving entity, or does it draw its power from a diabolical source?

99 min
IMDb: 5.00
Country: United States
Genre: Horror
Release: 2021-03-31
Director: Evan Spiliotopoulos
Cast: William Sadler, Cary Elwes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Christine Adams, Diogo Morgado, Katie Aselton, Celeste Oliva, Gisela Chipe, Bill Thorpe, Dustin Tucker, Kiara Pichardo, Danny Corbo, Janelle Feigley, Cricket Brown, Marina Mazepa



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