Doom 2005 Full Movie Free Download

Doom 2005 Full Movie Free Download

Doom 2005 Full Movie Free Download A group of space marines travels to Mars to investigate the mishaps in a research facility. Doom 2005 Full Movie Free Download – However, they find themselves under threat after being attacked by strange creatures. HD 1h 45m IMDb: 5.20 Country: United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, West Germany …

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The Unholy

The Unholy Willing to sell his soul for a story, Gerry Fenn, a defrocked journalist who has fallen from grace, arrives in the sleepy town of Banfield, Massachusetts, to investigate a bogus story, only to stumble upon his big break. As young Alice, a local deaf-mute woman, can suddenly hear, speak, and perform miracles after …

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Fear Street: Part Three – 1666

Fear Street: Part Three – 1666 The origins of Sarah Fier’s curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever. HD 114 min IMDb: 6.70 Country: United States Genre: Mystery, Horror Release: 2021-07-16 Director: Leigh Janiak Cast: Gillian Jacobs, Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukerman   Disable …

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Hellboy 3

Hellboy 3 Working side by side with his father-figure and leader of the top-secret Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, the infernal avenger and humankind’s unlikely defender, Hellboy, crosses paths with a familiar old adversary bent on revenge. Against the backdrop of a dreadful threat by the defeated evil sorceress and eternal …

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Inspired by the iconic mid-1990s DC story from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One begins as a brutal murder on Halloween prompts Gotham’s young vigilante, the Batman, to form a pact with the city’s only two uncorrupt lawmen (Police Captain James Gordan and District …

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Shutter HD 97 min IMDb: 7.10 Country: Thailand Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror Release: 2004-09-09 Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun,Parkpoom Wongpoom Cast: Achita Sikamana, Ananda Everingham, Apichart Chusakul, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, Unnop Chanpaibool, Titikarn Tongprasearth, Sivagorn Muttamara, Chachchaya Chalemphol, Kachormsak Naruepatr, Binn Kitchachonpong, Panitan Mavichak, Samruay Jaratjaroonpong, Jitlada Korsangvichal, Duangporn Sontikhan, Panu Puntoomsinchal In Bangkok, after celebrating a drinking …

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Wish Upon

Wish Upon HD 90 min IMDb: 5.00 Country: United States, Canada Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Horror Release: 2017 Director: John R. Leonetti Cast: Jerry OConnell, Joey King, Ki Hong Lee, Ryan Phillippe, Sherilyn Fenn, Elisabeth Röhm, Michelle Alexander, Sydney Park, Albert Chung, Kevin Hanchard, Mitchell Slaggert, Shannon Purser, Josephine Langford, Daniela Barbosa, Jake Gosden, Alice Lee, …

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Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U HD 100 min IMDb: 6.20 Country: United States Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror Release: 2019 Director: Christopher Landon Cast: Israel Broussard, Missy Yager, Suraj Sharma, Jessica Rothe, Charles Aitken Having survived the farcical but utterly life-threatening events in Happy Death Day (2017), the feisty sorority sister, Tree Gelbman, finds herself in the …

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The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2

The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 HD 97 min IMDb: 3.40 Country: United States Genre: Comedy, Action, Horror Release: 2021 Director: Deon Taylor Cast: Danny Trejo, Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Zulay Henao, Tyrin Turner, Rick Ross, Alex Henderson, Andrew Bachelor, Bresha Webb, Lil Duval, Gary Owen, Michael Blackson, Milan Taylor, Johann …

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The Ballerina

The Ballerina HD 106 min IMDb: 4.40 Country: United States Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror Release: 2017 Director: Steve Pullen Cast: Thomas Mikal Ford, Adella Gautier, Michael Zeigler, Angela Lundy, Deena Dill, Aidan Dunlap, Alexandra Pouloutides, Isabella Pullen, Steve Pullen, Peggy Pullen, Charles Pullen, Bronson Pullen, Joseph Pullen, Cheyenne Fridley, Valli Downey, Del Crawford, Maia Baumbach, …

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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare HD 100 min IMDb – 5.20 Country: United States Genre: Thriller, Horror Release: 2018-04-12 Director: Jeff Wadlow Cast: Lucy Hale, Sam Lerner, Tim Neff, Nolan Gerard Funk, Tyler Posey, Aurora Perrineau, Myron Natwick, Andrew Howard, Landon Liboiron, Brady Smith, Omar Leyva, Hayden Szeto, Violett Beane, Ruben Garfias, Gregg Daniel, Alexander Roberts, Bradley …

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Jennifers Body

Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body HD 102 min IMDb – 5.20 Country: United States Genre: Comedy, Horror Release: 2009-09-18 Director: Karyn Kusama Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Adam Brody In Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota, Needy Kesnicki is a shy teenage student that idolizes her cheerleader friend Jennifer Check, who is very arrogant. They attend a performance of the rock …

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It Follows

It Follows HD 100 min IMDb – 6.80 Country: United States Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror Release: 2015-03-13 Director: David Robert Mitchell Cast: Keir Gilchrist, Maika Monroe, Olivia Luccardi In the wake of sleeping with a handsome stranger, Jay (Maika Monroe) quickly learns that she has inherited a most unusual curse: Wherever she goes, lumbering, half-naked …

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The Descent

The Descent HD 99 min IMDb – 7.20 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Adventure, Horror Release: 2006-08-04 Director: Neil Marshall Cast: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid The sportswoman Sarah loses her husband and daughter in a car crash, but she survives. One year later, her friends Beth, Rebecca, Sam and Holly, leaded by Juno, invite …

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Bird Box

Bird Box HD 124 min IMDb – 6.60 Country: United States Genre: Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror Release: 2018-11-12 Director: Susanne Bier Cast: Parminder Nagra, Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, BD Wong, Tom Hollander, Rosa Salazar, Jacki Weaver, Taylor Handley, Machine Gun Kelly, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Danielle Macdonald, Amy Gumenick, Rebecca Pidgeon, Kristopher Logan, Trevante …

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