Blonde (2022)

Blonde 2022 – From director Andrew Dominik, and based on the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates, ‘Blonde’ boldly reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, ‘Blonde’ blurs the lines of fact and fiction to …

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365 Days: This Day (2022)

365 Days: This Day 2022 – Laura and Massimo are back and stronger than ever. But Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man bidding for Laura’s heart complicate the lovers’ lives. HD 111 min IMDb: 2.50 Country: Poland Genre: Drama, Romance Release: 2022-04-27 Director: Barbara Bialowas,Tomasz Mandes Production: Netflix, Ekipa, Future Space Cast: Magdalena Lamparska, …

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The In Between (2022)

The In Between – After surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend, a teenage girl believes he’s attempting to reconnect with her from the afterworld. HD 115 min IMDb: 5.80 Country: United States Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance Release: 2022-02-11 Director: Arie Posin Production: Industry Entertainment, Paramount Players Cast: Joey King, Kyle …

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The Little Mermaid (1989)

The Little Mermaid – Suffocating in her father King Triton’s vast undersea realm, the young and rebellious mermaid princess, Ariel, yearns for a new life above water, on the unexplored dry land. Hopelessly head over heels for the charming mortal prince, Eric, desperate Ariel summons up her courage to come to an ill-advised arrangement with …

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One Day (2011)

One Day – Adapted from author David Nicholls’ critically acclaimed novel of the same name, director Lone Scherfig’s One Day stars Anne Hathaway as a principled working-class girl who forges a unique bond with a wealthy jet-setter that spans two decades. July 15, 1988: Emma (Hathaway) is about to enter the real world. An idealist …

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What a Girl Wants (2003)

What a Girl Wants – Loosely based on The Reluctant Debutante (1958) starring Sandra Dee, this family-friendly comedy features popular Nickelodeon teen star Amanda Bynes in her first feature-starring performance after her debut in Big Fat Liar (2002). She plays teenager Daphne Reynolds, who lives in New York City with her musician mother, Libby Reynolds …

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Through My Window (2022)

Through My Window – Raquel’s longtime crush on her next-door neighbor turns into something more when he starts developing feelings for her, despite his family’s objections. HD 112 min IMDb: 5.5 Country: Spain Genre: Romance, Drama Released: 2022-02-04 Production: Nostromo Pictures Casts: Julio Peña, Pilar Castro, Hugo Arbues, Clara Galle, Maria Casals   Disable All …

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