No Country For Old Men Full Movie Watch Online

No Country For Old Men Full Movie
HD 8.10 122 min
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
Release: 2007-11-21
Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

No Country For Old Men  Cast:

Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, watch no country for old men free, watch no country for old men hd, no country for old men online, where to watch no country for old men, no country for old men free online, no country for old men. 1980, West Texas. While out hunting down by the US-Mexico border, good ol’ Texas boy Llewelyn Moss, a welder by day who lives in a trailer park in Sanderson with his wife Carla Jean, comes across what is a drug deal gone wrong. What he finds are all the players left at the scene dead or near death and a satchel filled with $2 million which he takes, despite knowing that someone will be looking for the money and is probably willing to kill for it. As such, he not only tries to protect himself in the process of trying to find out who will be after the money, but also Carla Jean by sending her away. A person hired to retrieve the money is Anton Chigurh, who indeed will kill anyone, including innocent bystanders, necessary to get to his end goal, with a high pressure air pistol his weapon of choice especially as it leaves no bullet as evidence. Chigurh, in deciding who should live or die in his day to day life, also uses his own psychopathic set of principles. Chirgurh quickly learns that Moss has the money and is on the run. Also on both their trails is Terrell County Sheriff Ed Tom Bell and his naive deputy Wendell. Bell, a third generation sheriff, has of late contemplated his professional future solely because of the notion that he and his like have not been able to do anything to control the increasing violence of the region. Bell finds evidence that Moss has the money and that someone, who has left a trail of carnage behind him, is after Moss and the money. As such, Bell tries to find Moss solely to protect him from whoever is after him. One other person added to the mix is Carson Wells, hired by the same person that hired Chigurh also to retrieve the money, as their employer feels that Chigurh has gotten out of control. Wells knows Chigurh well and knows that he will not take too kindly to anyone else brought in on his job.


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