The Foreigner (2003)

The Foreigner – Jonathan “Jon” Cold is a former “foreigner”, or deep cover operative, who now works as a freelance agent. He is frequently commissioned to deliver high-risk packages. As Cold prepares for his father’s funeral, Alexander Marquet asks him to take on an assignment. Cold wants to leave the business, but he reluctantly accepts the job. Cold’s task is to take a mysterious package from France to a wealthy man in Germany. But Cold will soon find that there are a lot of people who are determined to prevent him from doing so. Cold is accompanied by his colleague Dunoir to a farmhouse to pick up the package, and they are attacked by assassins. Cold fights them off and decides to continue with the assignment. Leaving Dunoir behind in France, Cold heads for his father Jackson’s memorial service in Warsaw, Poland, and meets up with his brother Sean before continuing on to Germany. The package turns out to contain a “black box” flight recorder from an aircraft that was suspiciously downed, and the recipient — sinister industrialist Jerome Van Aken — has a vested interest in its whereabouts. Once Cold arrives in Germany, Cold discovers that he is being pursued by various agents and assassins, while Van Aken’s wife Meredith and CIA spook Jared Olyphant also seem to want to get their hands on the package.

96 min
IMDb: 3.40
Country: United States, Poland
Genre: Thriller, Action
Release: 2003-01-28
Director: Michael Oblowitz
Cast: Steven Seagal, Sherman Augustus, Gary Raymond, Anna Louise Plowman, Max Ryan


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